if people don't want to drive growth, no growth strategy will make them

that's why at humami.io ( humans + tasty umami + data) our focus on growth starts with a focus on the "human enterprise". we know that all change and transformation depends on the employees "willing" that change. this is not a nuance; this is will be the growth catalyst.

if the employees thrive, the customer thrives.

Organizational performance is made up of purpose values strategy and motivated people

the best performing businesses understanding that you drive performance from the inside out.

 and that to perform well, is always an intention - a balance of focused emotion and precise execution.

people, managers and organizations need data to help them understand the drivers of performance

of course many aspects of performance like mindset, creativity and passion are hard to measure

yet assessments, workplace and people analytics can help give a perspective on what drives performance



what binds people together is a common purpose and shared values. This is the "umami" - that secret ingredient - which makes food taste incredible. a company's "umami" can be used as the cultural north star to guide behaviors and fuel that bit of "heart" that is always needed to drive the best performance.



to perform, people need to measure how their actions impact outcomes, and they need to be in control of taking those actions. people want transparency and radical candor about how they are performing to help understand how to improve and guide new learning. data (io) provides this objective clarity.